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The 2018 Winter Olympics will continue on Sunday with alpine skiing, biathlon, cross-country skiing, freeride, toboggan, snowboarding and speed skating medals.

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There is not much multicultural activity here, which can be celebrated simply, mostly decently. Olympic Opening Ceremony – The Olympic flame that toured the participating teams and the Olympic flame from the host country, the beloved Korean figure skater and gold medalist Kim Yan this year, seemed to be one of them.

The men of strength and elegance, who ruthlessly struggled to perform brutal heroic acts, entered the stadium with their countrymen. Each team is wearing a special matching clothing. Many clothes are stupid. The Olympics feels like a witness to human happiness because of the sport that has brought him no more definite purpose than the joy of his players and spectators: Let’s work together and have fun doing these purely ridiculous things.

The Olympic torch tradition began in 1928. The idea of the time was to remember Prometheus, the Greek Titan who formed the clay victim to humans and later steal fire from God to share with his creation to ensure human progress and continuity.

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Prometheus was Zeus for his arrogance which is lined up on a hillside where Raptors peck the eternal path where his organs are punished. But his intentions (he is a wise and upright God – a former Robin Hood, brazenly redistributing wealth) are so noble. It is appropriate that we humans respect him every few years.

I will inevitably feel very excited when the parade begins. Such a capable and powerful creature! (My exercise, slow typing while eating temperature is not included in the game yet). This year, most of them seem to be coming – nearly 3,000 athletes from over 90 countries – are really happy to be Pincher and calculate the risk, especially at the Winter Olympics, where many athletes put their perfect body at risk with just a craze And amazing things: Rotating ski jumpings while doing some cool, curving moves, then lands on a slope and relaxing slide land all the way, no big deal.

Do not let anyone tell you that only poets submit to beauty.
K-popular ultra-stylized, shocking, accurate, luxurious pop music that dominates Korea, filled with Olympic Stadium Pyeongchang-BTS ‘DNA,’ Big Bang ‘Pokémon and Twices’ LIKEY “.

A string of Korean dancers in pink snow pants danced endlessly – more than an hour! Give them a medal! Give them everything! – When spectators enter the arena and take a walk in the arenas, they see the wonders of themselves and their surroundings.

North Korea and South Korea march together as the UN (their black sneakers say “South Korea” in good white text). In the stands, Kim Jong-un’s sister, Kim Jong-un sitting, is near the vice president Mike Pence. The father of Fred Hot Beer and Otto Ale, the American college student who was sent back to the United States after being imprisoned and in a coma in North Korea,

died later It is there too. Every time NBC’s camera stopped, he glanced forward. Earlier this week he had promised the toughest sanctions – he did not signify a great interest in North Korea’s diplomacy and refused to stand up for the emergence of a united North Korea (he and his wife, Karen, only for the U.S. team).

Tonga is located in the South Pacific Polynesia Kingdom, sending Pita Taufatofua skiers – who also participated in the 2016 Summer Olympics, then in Taekwondo – as the only representative. Despite the cold temperatures in Pyeongchang (about 28 degrees Celsius at the beginning of the celebration), he swaggered around the stadium wearing only sandals and traditional Ta’ovala pads with pandan leaves and ribbons around the waist.

(He wore similar clothes at the Rio Olympics in 2016.) This is Tonga’s high ceremonial dress. His chest is full of greasy and shiny. Close to when the crowd turned into a banana, why not – this person looks great! Another feels like an eternity, no matter what year: a sled team from a tropical country.

For the first time Nigeria sent a delegation to participate in the Winter Olympics, in the form of its excellent Women’s Sled team, including former players Seti Adigon, Ngoge Onwumere and Akuoma Omeoga. They are wearing beautiful green gel with diamonds.
US Team – Composed of 225 Athletes to Become the Largest Team in Each Country’s History in All Winter Games – Jogging

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This is the golden hour of Saturday’s action, it could be the first Olympic gold medal in the United States. That’s how you see everything.

Australian World Champion Britt Cox missed the maiden medal after cooking in the team’s last game in Pyeongchang.

Cox staggered in her two leaps, and her pace could not make up for the mistake.

When France’s 19-year-old Perrine Laffont won the gold medal (78.65), she beat Canadian Olympic champion Justine Dufour-Lapointe (78.56) to finish fifth (75.08).

Kazakhstan’s Julia Galisheva (77.40) won the bronze medal, while Australian teenager Kasara Anthony finished fourth in her Olympic debut (75.35).

Snow was on the Boks track and Cox finished second in qualifying.

However, she jumped higher, moved to the gold medal and spent several laps before she switched to the ski rhythm. Her second jump, her weight has dropped sharply, this is the end of her medal challenge.

23-year-old Cox was disappointed with his participation in the third Olympics.

Cox said, “My goal is to fight today, I really think I did it tonight.”

“It was a little puzzling that I squeezed it too much in the Super Final, it was the Olympics, and I came a long way and I slipped quickly but did not get a return.”

In the top-20 finals Anthony was a real challenger with 76.18 points in her best game and fourth place behind her World Championship counterpart Cox (75.79). Fifth.

But Cox made headway in the next round of the playoffs, driving fast and aggressively, finishing second with 6 points (78.28 points).

When Anthony came to fifth place (76.85), they had a bit of history, for the first time, giving Australia two women’s finals.

Anthony has to pass the second qualifying round on the thirteenth night.

Australian athlete Madii Himbury also reached the final and finished on the 20th.